I provide hot, cold, and corrective shoeing as well as barefoot trims. You name it I can do it. What sets me apart from other farriers is my attention to detail. I believe in quality shoeing, not slapping a horseshoe on every hoof with the 'close enough' attitude that I've seen all too often. I'm RELIABLE. Forget what you heard about farriers having the same sense of punctuality as your local cable guy. I show up on time and always return texts and phone calls promptly. All breeds and disciplines are welcome in my practice and I'm pleased to work with your vet and other specialists you use to keep your horse happy and healthy. 

After graduating from Pacific Coast Horseshoeing School, I underwent a rigorous but thoroughly enjoyable apprenticeship under Steve  Wiberg and Hector Mendoza. After a few years of being completely self-sufficient, I continue to educate myself in all the latest shoeing technology and attend every clinic I can. Your horse deserves the best and that's exactly what I provide.